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We have important information on our buildings at the bottom of this page, referring to what you can expect when ordering a new timber garden building, as well as some useful care information. Before that, we've included a few guides on laying bases, maintaining your garden shed and more which we hope you'll find useful.

Product Information

All sizes are approximate and based on external measurements and do not include roof overhangs.
Please allow for roof overhangs when choosing the size of your building.

Doors can be hinged on the left or right side and on many of our buildings we can position the door to suit you. All doors come with a lock and key.

Quantity of windows depends on the size of your building but extra windows can be added. Glass supplied is 3mm horticultural glass, toughened glass or Perspex is available.
Playhouses are fitted with Perspex, Summerhouse glazed doors are fitted with toughened glass.

Please be aware that some building sections will not fit through standard doorways or go round sharp corners. Larger sections can be made in smaller pieces to allow access.

All buildings are supplied with a basecoat treatment and should be re-treated with a good quality preserver within a couple of months and then annually thereafter.
Roofs should be kept clear of leaves, especially in the Autumn.

Roof trusses are supplied where necessary.  All buildings are supplied with green fibre based mineral felt.
Polyester based felt and felt shingles are also available.

We deliver within a 35 mile radius of Stoke on Trent.
Areas further afield upon request.
Spring and Summer are our busiest time so please allow extra time if you require a building during this period, especially if you require a building for a specific date.

Buildings are supplied with a standard 12 month guarantee against faulty parts and labour

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